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Party Venue Hire

Little Heroes preschool is available to the public to be used as a venue for birthday parties on a Saturday. We have 2 playgrounds (one is suitable up to the age of 3 and the other is suitable up to the age of 10) each with a sandpit, bike track, swings and jungle gym. There is a covered area suitable for tea/party table setup. The area outside the coffee shop is available in the event of a rainy day. Hoops, balls and bikes are available from the storeroom on request.

We have 20 white mugs and teaspoons, a vacuum air pot, 2 trestle tables, chairs for adults, and plastic tables and chairs for the children. You are welcome to borrow our kettle, but will need to supply your own tea, coffee, milk, sugar and tablecloths.

Eunice will need to be present at the party to open up and lock the venue. She will ensure tables & chairs etc are set up as requested and help pack the same away. She will assist with cleaning up afterwards, and the washing of our cups and teaspoons. She is not required to wash other dishes. Eunice is not required to move around any heavy items such as the umbrella bases.
Please ensure that any jumping castles etc. are collected within half an hour of the end of the party and that the premises are vacated within an hour after the booked time. Late departures will incur a charge to compensate for Eunice’s time.


Payment for use of the venue must be paid at least one week prior to the function. Should the function be cancelled, the venue fee will only be refunded if sufficient warning (7 days) is given to the school.


Refundable Deposit for breakages – R200
Venue fee:
Little Heroes Pupil (or sibling) – R750
People outside of Little Heroes – R850

Please note:

  • The venue is used at your own risk.
  • NO CHILD may be left unsupervised in any of the rooms during the set up or duration of the function.
  • Eunice must be present at the function for its entire duration.
  • She will be required to open and lock the venue when you have finished.
  • Please do not let guests touch the theme display. No cupboards or venues are to be unlocked or investigated by any person related to the party.
  • Repairs or replacement of any equipment damaged will be deducted from the deposit.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the church or school premises.

Please contact René to make a booking on 074 228 9527.