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I think it’s safe to say that every loving parent has a great desire to see their child THRIVE, and perhaps this word is bandied about and used as a standard of ultimate parental achievement, but what does thriving actually LOOK LIKE in your child?

  • Is it academic and sporting achievement and accolades? Maybe.
  • Is it cultural prowess in dramatic arts, music or visual arts? Maybe.
  • Is it a well behaved and compliant child who is well mannered and polite? Maybe.

The truth is that thriving far more intangible that we might think. While all of the above makes us feel good as parents – we get to shine our parent badges and wear them proudly on our chests – the above can all be true and yet our child might not be thriving. As any practical and logical parent, you might read this and think it makes no sense! Surely a child who is succeeding in their endeavours and setting themselves up for future life success is thriving?

Let’s be real right now. Thriving is far more about how your child is doing INTERNALLY than EXTERNALLY.


Here are some questions to answer to know if your child is thriving:

  • How healthy are they emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
  • Can they tell the difference between right and wrong?
  • Can they regulate their own emotions in an age-appropriate manner?
  • Are they kind, sensitive to others, emotionally aware and attuned?
  • Do they know how to stand up for themselves and others?
  • Are they brave and courageous in the face of defeat or disappointment?
  • Do they have grit and resilience when in a place of challenge, can they push through?
  • Can they learn from their mistakes and failures, pick themselves up and fix what went wrong?
  • Are they able to CONNECT with their significant others and protect that connection?
  • Do they experience JOY daily from the simple act of living and being loved by their family and friends?

Are these questions causing you to pause and think about where your child is at in these areas and possibly reassess the focus of their growth?

In PART TWO we will explore how we enable our children to thrive INTERNALLY!