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In August we worked with the theme: At Sea and In the Air.

This led to a poignant and memorable exercise for the children as Tash, our Green group teacher, set about to explain lighthouses and why they are so important for the safety of seafaring vessels.

Through a practical demonstration with a makeshift lighthouse complete with torch, Tash explained to the children that lighthouses shine their lights into the dark at night so that boats and ships can see the light and be guided by it into the harbour without running into any rocks or other dangerous shallow ground. But, the really important part about this lesson is how lighthouses directly relate to the light of Jesus  – the light of His love that He shines on us, but also the light He puts in us so that we can direct others towards Him!

The children’s eyes light up at this point because it’s something they can understand, something tangible about the love of Jesus.

Case in point: Tash goes on to talk about the little tug boat who had his first job out at sea. The Harbour Master tells him not to be scared of the big waves and the dark night but to simply keep his eyes on the lighthouse to find his way back. But the little tug boat loses sight of the lighthouse in the midst of the great big ocean and fear creeps in as he thinks he has lost his way. Just as he’s about to panic he catches sight of the lighthouse again and relief floods in! He can now get back to the harbour safely!

The moral of Tash’s story is if we keep our eyes on Jesus – our Light – we will always find our way no matter how dark and scary it may seem. But more than that, we can be the lighthouse for those around us because of the light Jesus has put inside us, and indeed this should be our aim! Practically, we can express this through loving those around us, being kind and generous, and praying for others.

This theme has brought a greater understanding to our children of how powerful the love of Jesus is in guiding our daily lives and keeping us safe from harm.