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Moving Forward

Another thing I do well is take God at His word! I believe that if He said it, then it is true, if He makes a promise He’ll keep it! He is utterly faithful, that if He said “I will never leave you or forsake you” that He wouldn’t! I have learnt over and over that if you dare trust Him, He will come through for you. He did a “Psalm 18” on me. I realised He was my help…. He rushed down as soon as He heard my cry, drew me up from swirling troubled waters, put my feet firmly on a rock, shone a light on my path, showed me what to do and strengthened me physically, emotionally and spiritually for the road ahead. (I encourage you to read that Psalm, it’s very powerful!)

I’ve been reminded of this many times in various ways. One prophetic picture I was given stands out for me. It was of God holding my hands and pulling me out of a pile of rubble… and He was not pushing me from behind, but going ahead of me. This is where my focus needed to be.

This is my testimony: God has pulled me and out of that mess and has been leading me down a new road, going on ahead, showing me the way. He wasn’t not with me on the old road, but He had a different way we could do this, and as I partnered with Him, He would unveil the new road to me.

I don’t know what your journey looks like. As a parent you may be just starting out, you may be somewhere in the middle, your children may have left home. You may be a teacher looking for another job, uninspired, growing increasingly more hopeless about the children you teach, you may doing really great as a parent, or loving the kids you teach. There may be ways in which it looks similar to mine, it may look completely different. You may be thinking “stop the bus I want to get off!” (No you can’tJ)

Here is the first of 4 keys I have found helpful to keep in my ‘’heart’s eye” that can be referred to going forward and reminded me that I can’t do this on my own!

Your position

Position yourself – where? In the throne room, in your secret place, connected to the Father, discovering His heart and allowing it to influence your thoughts, your choices, and your behaviour.

It became clear to me that the focus of my parenting, and any other relationship, actually needs to be about the heart, and not only their heart but God’s heart for me, God’s heart for them,  my connection to God’s heart, and my connection to my child’s heart. This is the essence of the other road: it’s love. This has become the focus of any counselling I do, meetings with parents, encouraging our staff, and interactions with children of all ages.

As I positioned myself at my Heavenly Father’s feet and spent time in the throne room opening myself up to the “finished work of the cross in my life” and connected with God my Father and the truth of how He sees me and how he sees my life, I have been able to connect with TRUTH and how He parents me. Be intentional about pursuing God, connecting with your Dad, in His presence is where you are strengthened, and resourced with everything that you need! Pursue the full life He has for you. Get perspective, have counselling, prayer ministry – do whatever it takes to connect with your Heavenly DAD!

Join me in January as I conclude this three part series with the last 3 keys that I have kept in my “heart’s eye.”

Barbara Cooper – Principal: Little Heroes Preschool